The Fort Worth PMI Mentor Program is live!

This program will pair volunteer mentors with mentees to develop their careers and network in the industry.

If you are interested in being a mentor or a mentee, please sign up using the interest form below. Don't worry; you're not fully committing to anything yet. You will be emailed an application that will collect your goals and objectives so you can be matched appropriately.

We look forward to providing this service to you!

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  1. The goal of the Mentoring Program is to match Mentees which need PM knowledge with Mentors that have PM knowledge in specific areas and to contribute to the Mentee’s effectiveness as a project manager in his/her current and future assignments and working context.
  2. We keep the program as a project with a 3-month timeframe. There has been evidence that this is the best length of time. Feel free to continue staying in contact unofficially after exiting the Mentoring Program.
  3. The Mentor and Mentee will meet and agree on preferred communication and learning methods.
  4. This mentoring program is not intended to prepare the Mentee for CAPM or PMP certification. PMI and other organizations provide courses and materials for that purpose.
  5. This mentoring program is not intended to solve problems in the Mentee’s current project assignment.
  6. Mentoring is a professional relationship. The PMI Code of Conduct applies, and a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) may be established as appropriate to the business context.
  7. The Mentee is the driver of the relationship. The Mentee needs to take the initiative to set the meetings. The Mentee also performs the exercises provided by the Mentor.
  8. If there are any issues, please reach out to the Director of Mentoring, at
  9. Upon being matched in the program, a mentoring plan document will be provided along with three learning objectives that the Mentee indicated they need from the program. We ask mentees to provide the goals as specific as possible to be easier to find the correct Mentor. Mentors may need to start the engagement narrowing down any goals that are too broad.

10 Tips For Being A Good Mentee


7 Tips For Being a Good Mentor


Mentor Volunteer Claims

1 hour of volunteer (non-compensated) service equals 1 PDU for a maximum of 25 PDUs for each 3-year cycle

Continuing Certification Requirements Handbook | CCR

Contact Information

Randy Kubich - Director of Mentoring, Fort Worth PMI