From the Desk of President Fort Worth PMI, Rahila Vayani

                   Try, Try, Try Again…You will WIN at last                             


Dear Members,

Today we are in an ever-changing world, an unpredictable world, a world full of unknowns, a world full of new norms. New skills, new mindsets, and new strategies are needed for project managers to be successful. One such skill that has helped me as we navigate through these unpredictable times is persistence - the ability to stick with something despite difficulty or opposition.

Persistence helps us overcome the risks and issues during the project life cycle, achieve our milestones, and stay accountable. Good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who persevere. In times of darkness, a project manager (PM) must think outside of the box, develop new strategies, continue going when the going is hard just like the spider who tried 100 times to reach the ceiling to get to his web, just like King Bruce of Scotland who did not get discouraged by defeat but instead continued to try harder and finally won the war. A persistent PM demonstrates and promotes the courage and confidence to try new things, explore new options, and not admit defeat until he/she has tried all the possibilities. As you commit yourself to a project and keep on plowing the field, you will eventually find a solution or be able to formulate a solution that will help you in achieving you project goals.

 Here are three quick & easy reads to add persistence to your skill set today:

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Thank You,

Rahila Vayani


President Fort Worth PMI 2021-2022