From the Desk of President Fort Worth PMI, Rahila Vayani       



A new beginning...


Dear Members and Volunteers,


I am very pleased to hand the baton to Kathy Harvel, our 2023-2024 Board President. Kathy has been instrumental in running our External Communications team previously and she has a wealth of experience with FWPMI. She will be a great leader to take FWPMI to the next level. 

I want to thank each and every one of you for contributing to FWPMI in 2022. We are putting great plans together for 2023 and cementing teams to deliver value to our members. 2023 will be a prosperous year! 

A BIG thanks to our volunteer team for 2022!

Adam Fletcher

Jose Gil

Amy Mizell

Karolyn Knight

Andrew Robinson

Kathy Harvel

Bruce Falcon

Kevin Bast

Candice Williams-Martin

Lance Beaty

Cheryl Medina

Lawrence Reid

Cindy Vandersleen

Lynn Robbins

Correy Retzloff

Murali Ramdas

Debbie Marth

Preston Pelfrey

Denise Stafford

Randy Kubich

Dionne Beer

Sadu Shetty

Elvira Garcia

Samantha Fox

Glenn Mizell

Sherry Sebastian

Hope Oleson

Steve Tefertiller 

Jeanie Anirudhan

Tristan Reid

Jonathan Chrisawn 

Kim Collins


Zach Valigura


I hope you have a wonderful 2023! 

We value your feedback and creativity! Please share your thoughts and ideas, so we can deliver in even more impactful ways. Please feel free to email Kathy at with your questions and feedback!


Thank you!

Rahila Vayani


President Fort Worth PMI 2021-2022