From the Desk of President Fort Worth PMI, Rahila Vayani

                  Standing Out as a PM                           


Dear Members,

As a PM you often must stand out as you identify risks, make unpopular decisions that are beneficial for the project, and champion a change that is so difficult to manage. It takes courage to take these actions. You are the one setting the tone of the project, and everyone is following you, as you lead by action and results.

We here at Fort Worth PMI want to equip you with strategies to standout when you are against a challenge, so you not only survive but thrive.

Here are some resources that will help you stand out:

  1. Take On New Assignments: Be on a lookout for new opportunities or your dream job. Create such opportunities either at work or at FWPMI. Take on the responsibility and communicate your accomplishments
  2. Become a Mentor: When you take on the responsibility to mentor, you are not only benefiting the mentee, but you grow too! Become a mentor with FWPMI.
  3. Participate in a Podcast: Talk about your achievements or serve your FWPMI community by participating in the FWPMI podcast.
  4. Check Out these PMI Resources: &

Also, stay tuned and check out our website at for growth opportunities. We encourage your feedback and welcome ideas on how we can support you on your learning journey as project managers. Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or would like to standout using the resources above.

Thank You,

Rahila Vayani


President Fort Worth PMI 2021-2022