President’s Message – Kathy Harvel


Remember to take care of YOU! 


Are you a great project manager? Are you the best you can be? Do you give your all to your projects?  Are you a perfectionist? Are you constantly striving to improve?

I propose that you can improve as a project manager by dedicating some time to take care of YOU.  Use your great project management skills to improve your own mental health so you can become the best you can be.

Risk Management – Learn how to identify what stresses you out and then learn what works for you to mitigate those stressors. Is it tight deadlines, team conflicts, high customer expectations or changing requirements?  Stressors are different for everyone and the first step is to find out what yours are.  If you find yourself in stress, pay attention and jot down what just happened to cause the stress.  Then take the time to think about and write down things you can do to prevent the incident or better handle it.


Prioritize – If you are constantly getting pulled in many directions, use a project management tool like the Eishenhower Matrix which helps you prioritize activities based on urgency and importance.

Time Management - Just like you manage your project schedules you can manage your personal schedule.  Define your work hours and stick to them as best you can.  Being a workaholic is no longer admirable – it just takes time from your family and from other things that can bring you joy.

I will predict that if you use your project management skills to take care of yourself, not only will your mental health improve, your overall health will improve as well.

Ya’ll take care (of YOU)!

Kathy (recoving work-aholic)


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