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Fort Worth PMI sponsors Riskonator Award

At the 2023 North Texas Region

Future City competition


Fort Worth and Dallas PMI representatives joined together on January 28th to serve as judges for the 2023 North Texas Region Future City competition.  The competition, held in-person for the first time in three years, brought over 50 teams of middle and high school students from all over Texas to the Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus. 

Since its inception in 1992, the Future City Competition has become one of the largest engineering education programs in the US. This program offers students a fun way to build their math and science skills and learn about engineering by solving the real-world problems in designing cities of the future. More than 50 schools entered the competition and addressed challenges resulting from “Climate Change”.



See what your PMI colleagues said about their experience!

Dionne Beer – Fort Worth PMI
It was a pleasure to serve as a judge and represent the FW PMI Chapter at the Future City North Texas competition. As a first time volunteer, it was amazing to see the creativity, dedication, and tenacity displayed by the students! Each of the teams did a great job showcasing unique applicable solutions. 

The Borg Plantana team was selected as the winner for the PMIEF’s Best Project Plan Award. The team demonstrated a good focus on acceptable and beneficial living conditions for all, recovered from setbacks, and agreed that the best lesson learned was TEAMWORK. It was a great experience to see the diverse talent of our future and upcoming leaders. Hope to see you as a volunteer next year!


Kathy Harvel – Fort Worth PMI

I love volunteering for this event every year.  My favorite activity is interviewing the students about their projects.  They demonstrate poise, professionalism and enthusiasm.  It is truly an inspiration to hear about their journey and the challenges they faced working together as a team. 


Kevin Bast – Fort Worth PMI

It was a tremendous experience being a Special Judge at the North Texas Future City 2023 competition. This was my first time (and it was a lot of fun). The most memorable item that will remain with me - is the enthusiasm of the students and the care and attention that so many of them gave to their projects. In seeing their final results and hearing their presentations, it gives me confidence that there are some excellent leaders in the works being educated in North Texas today. I am looking forward to being involved in future events - and especially in seeing the success of so many of the students in the future. Thank you to the Future City team for organizing the event (a feat in itself). 


Patty Rohr – Dallas PMI

I truly enjoyed being a judge for the PMI FW Chapter-sponsored Riskonator special award at the Future City North Texas competition.  It was my first time to volunteer as a judge and I didn't know what to expect. But these students absolutely wowed me!  They clearly put in a huge amount of time and effort into their entry.  The teams had some well-thought out, real-world solutions for their city model.  Every team was well-prepared.  Enthusiastic & high energy.  Lots of future project managers in that competition. The Dimension Metropolis team that won the Riskonator special award were very happy and excited to win it and their families were so proud.  I'm glad that I was able to volunteer for this completion and I highly recommend  being a volunteer.  It was extremely rewarding!


Steven Terry – Dallas PMI

Being a special award judge at Future City North Texas 2023 was a blast.  It was so much fun seeing the different city models and listening to the students talk about their work.  Every team we met had an excellent presentation.   The kids had a really long day talking to an endless stream of judges, but they did a wonderful job, and their enthusiasm was contagious.

It is obvious the students put in significant time designing and building their cities.   Several good ideas on how to tackle climate challenges were shown.  These students did their homework.  They have bright futures.

Thanks to all the people who organized the event at Tarrant County College’s Trinity River Campus.  This competition had many moving parts and it was not easy coordinating all of the interplay between numerous judges and teams.   This was my first time, but I think things ran well.  I heard several past participants say the same and noted that the organizers had incorporated lessons learned from prior competitions.

At the end of the day, various teams received awards.   Seeing so many happy kids was truly joyful.




Top (left to right) – Patty Rohr, Dionne Beer,

Steven Terry


Bottom (left to right) – Kevin Bast, Kathy Harvel


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