Academic Outreach

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FWPMI helps the Fort Worth ISD with Career Planning




FWPMI has signed up to participate in an important initiative with the Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD).  The school district's “Career Tree” leverages the experience and knowledge of members of the local business community to work towards improving career opportunities for students.  Currently there are 3 career trees for Business, Marketing and Finance pathways. If you are interested in participating in this initiative please send an email to


Academic Outreach Team

This team strives to advance the profession and practice of project management by developing relationships with local academic institutions (middle school, high school, colleges and universities).   They create awareness of PMI Education Foundation and academic standards and work with these institutions to create demand for project management programs, clubs and curricula.

Do you remember being a student? If you could go back and give your young self the project management skills you have today, how would your personal and academic life have been different? Or consider this: How much more could your favorite charity accomplish if it applied project management principles?  And what is the likelihood that project management tools could impact the future of classroom learning and nonprofit success?

It’s not only possible, it’s happening!

When you partner with the PMI Educational Foundation, you empower people to become leaders and effective problem-solvers. You help them reach their full potential to change the future. PMIEF has inspired people around the world to use project management for social good®. We hope you will make a gift of $25 today to ensure that this work continues!

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