Maintaining Your Certifications

Once you have earned your credential(s), you'll need to maintain it by earning Professional Development Units (PDUs).  Fortunately, there are plenty of activities and ways to earn PDUs.  For full information regarding the specific requirements for your certification, please see PMI's CCRS handbook.

EDUCATION: Continue Learning and Growing

There are now five defined education areas and each has its own requirements. Approximately two-thirds of your PDUs must be from the education areas and you must obtain a minimum number in each leg of the Talent Triangle.
  1. Course or Training: Participate in Chapter workshops or other formal educational courses offered through PMI or qualified training organizations.  There are many instructor led as well as e-learning opportunities available.
  2. Organizational Meetings: Chapter or other professional conferences or meetings relevant to project management and limited to a maximum of 2 PDUs per session.
  3. Online or Digital Media: Self-directed learning such as webinars or podcasts.
  4. Read: Non-fictional / informational books, blogs or articles
  5. Informal learning: Includes mentoring, small group discussions / lunch and learns or panel discussions with other professionals.

GIVING BACK: Applying and Sharing Your Knowledge

  1. Work as a Practitioner: On the job experience related to your certification.
  2. Create Content: Write / publish project management related articles or presentations.
  3. Give a Presentation:  Speak on a project management topic at a professional meeting or conference.
  4. Share Knowledge: Serve as a mentor, coach or subject matter expert with others.
  5. Volunteer: Uncompensated work to advance knowledge or practice of project management.

Reporting PDUs

PDUs are reported through PMI's Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS).  You are responsible for earning all the necessary PDUs within your three year certification cycle and reporting them accurately.  You may report and view your PDUs through this system. 

Attended a lunch or dinner meeting?  As a FWPMI chapter member, we'll file the 1-2 PDU events for you. Just keep your receipt or handouts as proof of attendance.

Attended a Chapter workshop or other educational event?  Each attendee will receive a certificate of completion for their records.  You'll need to file these PDUs yourself.  Click here for instructions.

Can't remember which Chapter events you've attended?  We've captured all of your events for you.  Login to the Chapter website.  They are found under My Account, the My Events tab.

Self-Reporting Meetings (1-2 PDU events): If you are filing your own PDUs for a lunch or dinner event which is eligible for 1 PDU, click here for instructions.

It is the sole responsibility of the credential holder to meet the re-certification requirements.  All PDU claims are subject to an audit by PMI.

Attend FWPMI Events to Earn PDUs

In the last year, the Chapter has held events worth more than 140 PDUs!  Chapter PDU qualified events include:

  • Dinner meetings (1 PDU each)
  • Lunch meetings (1 PDU each)
  • Book Club discussion group meetings (2 PDUs each)
  • Write and submit book review (1 PDU each)
  • Workshops (4-42 PDUs depending on duration)
  • Chapter Toastmaster meeting (1-2 PDUs each depending on duration)
  • We average 12-15 PDU opportunities every month.