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PMI Fort Worth

Fort Worth PMI is an award winning component of PMI®. It was chartered in 1992 and for over 30 years has been meeting the needs of project management practitioners in the western aspects of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. The chapter now has over 1,600 members from a diverse range of local companies and industries.

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Book Club (North)

How I Built This: The Unexpected Paths to Success from the World's Most Inspiri...

Toastmasters (Virtual)

Are you looking for ways to improve your communication effectiveness? Does the ...

Book Club (South)

How I Built This: The Unexpected Paths to Success from the World's Most Inspiri...

Toastmasters (Virtual)

Are you looking for ways to improve your communication effectiveness? Does the ...


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Upcoming Events

July 18 2024


IIL Free Webinar - Generative AI for Problem Solving

July 18th, 202410:00AM to 11:00AM

International Institute for Learning webinar on Generative AI for Problem Solving. Are you ready to transform your problem-solving? Discover the incredible potential of Generative AI as a powerful “Idea Machine”!



FreeNon members

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July 18 2024


July Member Dinner Meeting - Annual FWPMI Member Business Meeting

July 18th, 20246:00PM to 8:00PM

BNSF Technology Center, Red River Room

2400 Western Center Blvd
Fort Worth, TX, 76131

In-person Fort Worth PMI Annual Member Business Meeting held at BNSF.



$35.00Non members

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July 18 2024


July Member Meeting Virtual Option - Annual FWPMI Member Business Meeting

July 18th, 20246:30PM to 8:00PM

Virtual meeting

Meeting link to be sent to all registrants prior to meeting

Virtual option for Fort Worth PMI Annual Member Business Meeting.



FreeNon members

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Shaping the Future of Fort Worth PMI!
Project management is growing and the Fort Worth PMI Chapter is growing right along with it! Soon you will have a chance to vote on the Chapter’s revised Bylaws.  These new bylaws will include three new Board Officer positions – VP of Finance, VP of Volunteer Engagement and VP of Communications and Marketing.  Membership for the Fort Worth Chapter has grown by 200 members since January of 2023 and the three new positions will make it possible for our Chapter to provide more services and programs for YOU – our members.
Click HERE to download the current Bylaws from 2015 and the Proposed 2024 Bylaws.
Fort Worth PMI's newest offering!
-- CAPM & PMP educational courses! --
Coming in September and October!
Registration opening soon!



Have you been wanting to expand your Project Management Knowledge, prepare for a PMI certification, or perhaps explore a new discipline or skill related to project management? 

Applications are now being accepted for the 2024 PMI Fort Worth Chapter Annual Professional Development Scholarship!  


Click HERE for more information or to apply.


President’s Message



Project Management is growing!

Project management is growing and the Fort Worth PMI Chapter is growing right along with it! Soon you will get a copy of the Chapter’s revised Bylaws.  These new bylaws will include three new Board Officer positions – VP of Finance, VP of Volunteer Engagement and VP of Communications and Marketing.  Membership for the Fort Worth Chapter has grown by 200 members since January of 2023 and the three new positions will make it possible for our Chapter to provide more services and programs for YOU – our members.

Project management is also growing into new industries.  It used to be that project management was most closely associated with construction and information technology projects, but in today’s world project management best practices are included in other industries such as healthcare, entertainment, education, retail, e-commerce and the service industry.  Are you a project manager in a specific industry and would you willing to share your experiences?  We are searching for speakers and would love to hear your stories! Please send an email to for more information about presenting at one of our industry-specific Lunch & Learns.

Click here to learn more about how project management impacts many different industries!

Volunteer Spotlight

May 2024 - Tiffany Paisley


Growing Tomorrow’s Leaders through Mentoring

More on the FWPMI Mentoring Program

Is it time to think about a fresh start in your Project Management career? Specifically, what can you do to improve your professional skills?   The Fort Worth PMI Chapter would like to suggest that one sure-fire way to make improvements is to become a mentor or mentee. Read more!

Several Mentees and Mentors have expressed a desire to establish a “PM Shadowing Program” as well as development of a “Chapter Study Group” for the PMI Examination.    The Director of the FW PMI Mentor Program is asking if there is any interest or suggestions for either of these two potential programs. Send ideas, suggestions, or volunteer willingness to 

Find a mentor or be a mentor! We are always looking for more mentors and mentees for this great program.  If you are a past Mentor or Mentee, please be sure your profile is updated. 

PMI:  Why Social Impact Matters


“Projects have the power to make a better world – to create new jobs; advance diversity, equality and inclusion; provide essential infrastructure; enhance education; improve public health and safety."

As part of PMI’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2019, PMI partnered with the United Nations to identify 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  From the PMI website, “The UN's Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.”

Click here to find out how you can help PMI and the United Nations achieve these goals.

Member Recognition

Member anniversaries (Recent)
James Antwi1st
Phillip Burt1st
William Beattie1st
Allie Wilson1st
Bamidele Omeiza1st
Christopher Kubick1st
Mallory Moore1st
Randall Arbuckle1st
Jennifer Lane1st
Hugo Rodriguez1st
Jason Hart1st
Cole Shirley1st
Marshall Scabet1st
Abraham Adebo1st
Robert Begole II1st
Daniel Martinez1st
Daniel Wallace1st
Sascha Sciandra1st
Tiffany Paisley1st
Monica Spillman1st
Chris Menefee1st
ORodrick Grant1st
Akingbade Ampitan1st
Bethany Vetter1st
Karina Sherman1st
Minh Vo1st
Robert Williams1st
John Keiser1st
Kathryn Hartung1st
LaCrissa Sapp1st
Greg Gideon1st
Oluwaseun Ilugbusi1st
Ashleigh Lacy1st
Sudhakar Rajendrababu1st
Eric Corwin1st
Mayra Maneha1st
Harish Rao1st
Murrelrisa Starr1st
Olaribigbe Amusa1st
Tolulope Agboola1st
Umair Ansari1st
Ray Brown1st
Tomiko Smith1st
Desiree Martinez1st
Robert WIlson1st
Jason Arthur1st
Jesse Galvan1st
Aaron Crothers1st
Angela Garcia Padilla1st
Dylan Fowler1st
Ryan Wintermute1st
Curtis Beitel1st
Roger Cox1st
Skylar Kalb1st
Alyssa Petty1st
Todd Henry1st
Craig Meyer1st
John Mikel1st
Mary Butler1st
Logan Fruhwirth1st
Christopher Knox1st
tierrani noel1st
John Herbert1st
Angela Miklos1st
Elharith Sattiy1st
Asha Puthenmarath1st
Jami Woychesin1st
Stephanie Maldonado1st
Elaine Wilburn1st
JeBree Spencer1st
Brenda Dawson1st
Todd Brown II1st
Annemarie Hull1st
Chelsea Mitchell1st
Nuyengiabari Lawani1st
Patricia Fannin1st
Latha Thamma reddi1st
Alexandra Schies1st
Chukwudebe Omokoh1st
Zachary Plunkett1st
Craig Cyr1st
Jimmy Brown1st
Jennifer Boyd1st
James Serra1st
Morgan McCarthy1st
Siovhan Johnson1st
David Long1st
Jason Moody1st
Gabriela Cadena1st
Katie Thames1st
Kimberly Miess1st
Margaret Polledo1st
Becky Tobin1st
Donovan Smith1st
Akweta Hickman1st
Antara Majumder1st
Dana Hicks1st
Ruby Romero1st
Michael Wise1st
Daniel Suttle1st
Rachel Jackson1st
Cassandra Sullivan1st
Michelle Dugas1st
Brisia Munoz1st
Lenora Stoner1st
Michael Pierce1st
mohamed Charkas1st
Priyank Kothiya1st
Thomas Zamudio1st
Tara Dowling1st
Adrian Ruiz1st
Choekey Lama2nd
Courtney Lomonaco2nd
Lyn Lucas2nd
Shawntell Bradford2nd
Udaya Kasaju2nd
David Venditto2nd
John Poole2nd
Antonitta Bolling2nd
Mansi Wani2nd
Nishant Jawale2nd
DeAngelo Henderson2nd
Jeff DeHoogh2nd
Zachary Stipe2nd
John Lindo2nd
Derrick Smith2nd
Jason Sandlin2nd
Jeff Stapleton2nd
James Fields2nd
Binh Nguyen2nd
Kimberly Wade2nd
Matthew Mason2nd
Frederick Zarate2nd
Joseph DeWoody2nd
Anjali Desai2nd
Kami Brown2nd
Amanda Smith2nd
Tanisha Arrington2nd
John Imes2nd
Amelia Newton2nd
Kim Layton2nd
Renae Shore2nd
Jonathan Evans2nd
Nicholas Powell2nd
Brian Dufour2nd
Mudasiru Adeboye2nd
Amy Dean2nd
Richella Delgado2nd
Fordham McElroy2nd
Aaron Watts2nd
Nicole Hitchcock2nd
Uday Koduri2nd
Jonathan Adams2nd
Chelsea Pavey2nd
Heather McKenzie2nd
Francis Polisetty2nd
Mike Ridgley2nd
Sabrina Ingram2nd
Carlos Cazares2nd
Antonio Garcia2nd
Tiffany Smith2nd
Jordon Collis2nd
Samuel Tekpor2nd
Craig Carp2nd
Christopher Roberts2nd
Alta Vann2nd
LaCrista Nappier2nd
Christopher Strauss2nd
Sarmad Azhar2nd
Brian Wilson2nd
Michael Gallagher2nd
Gwynavere Kinney2nd
Mabel Yahweh-wise2nd
Matt Kuberski2nd
Charlie Whisman2nd
Harold Hegge2nd
Najma Banakar2nd
Tyler Maschal2nd
narges lahijanian2nd
Naomi Watkins2nd
Crystal Morris-Stromberg2nd
Bryan Motley2nd
Nathan Wells2nd
Maureen Moore2nd
Oludamola Dosumu2nd
Kevin Andrew McKinney2nd
Jennifer Goodwin2nd
Savannah May2nd
Janet Scott2nd
Paul Leonard Bruno2nd
Hugo Gomez2nd
Emily Beckham2nd
Lisa Wyatt2nd
Ashley Androsov2nd
Jackie Hill2nd
Rodrigo Alves2nd
Ariane Stone2nd
Felix Zayas2nd
Olaniyi Olawepo2nd
John Stricklin2nd
David Ripley2nd
Gaurav Maheshwari2nd
Nathan Sims2nd
Mercy Macharia2nd
Charity Darnell2nd
Beverly J Patterson2nd
Ahtia Edwards2nd
Jacob Lawrence2nd
Aaron Willard2nd
Gigi Gupta2nd
Trevor Heilman2nd
Dale Ryals2nd
Heather Leonard2nd
Paige Malmborg2nd
Phoebe Were2nd
Christian Anderson2nd
Kristen Gallup2nd
Donna Reid2nd
Sarah Balute2nd
Krystal Blackwell2nd
Bob Beims2nd
Jodi Rhinehart-Doty2nd
Tisha Draper2nd
Donnell Corley2nd
Deidre Hicks2nd
Dustin Deel2nd
Janice Peck2nd
Danielle Retland2nd
Dennis Jones2nd
Cynthia Schminke2nd
Telma Fonseca2nd
Stephen Watson2nd
Kimberly Hinton2nd
Tyler Jewell2nd
Montreal Dukes2nd
Kristen McNerney2nd
Courtney Contreras2nd
Jacob Rodriguez2nd
Kimberly Robinson2nd
Sandhya Lakshmi Kothuri2nd
Jennifer Addington2nd
Correlia Whitaker2nd
Dee Spain2nd
Ronald King3rd
Cayla Halliday3rd
Grant Hensarling3rd
David Goble3rd
Michelle Petty3rd
Randi Surratt3rd
Charles Harper3rd
Sarah McBride3rd
Christopher Morgan3rd
Samantha Schmitt3rd
Shannon Thompson3rd
Omar Vigil3rd
Dixa Aryal3rd
Sherri Williams3rd
Michel Zambo3rd
Courtney Porter3rd
Alejandro Espinoza3rd
Christina Fisher3rd
Kyle Stagner3rd
Daniel Pinneaux3rd
Keith Nolan3rd
Kelly Doyle3rd
Angela Schoener3rd
Clinton Ashworth3rd
Teresa Maher3rd
Jeremy Aguilar3rd
Michael Heinsohn3rd
Joshua Berry3rd
Suzanne Osborn3rd
Taylor Hansen3rd
Janet Rehberg3rd
Shelly Nicoletti3rd
Teresa Velazquez3rd
Jeneh Davies-Granby3rd
Tristan Martinez3rd
Heather Reck3rd
Viviana Balanta3rd
Morgan Landry3rd
James Pickle3rd
Matthew Kuhn3rd
Clarence Earley3rd
Matt Ecker3rd
Tymeeshia Bailey3rd
Vitali Yakimuk3rd
Katherine Johnson3rd
Brian Hall3rd
Jennifer Duncan3rd
Aaron McLendon3rd
Gregory Burden3rd
Christy Lynn Levermann4th
Michael Bennett4th
Justin Naylor4th
Hailey Godwin4th
Scott Riddle4th
Jessica Clark4th
Tawny Parker4th
Ryan Zintgraff4th
Walter Lewis4th
Melanie McAnally4th
Duwana Johnson4th
Jerry Johnson4th
Cassandra Olson4th
William Bovaird4th
Daniel Bertok4th
Xavier Herrera4th
Michael Erikson4th
Roy Smith4th
Will Allen4th
Marc Owens4th
Brian DeWitt4th
shruti singla4th
Yolanda Rojas4th
Ronald Hebert4th
Douglas Hartzler4th
Timberey Meeks4th
Andrew Robinson4th
Michael Iliakis4th
Kimberly Collins4th
Kellie Baugh4th
Lee Lehtonen4th
Mallory Meinen4th
Kerri Bigley4th
Oluwatoyin Ottun4th
Don Doyle4th
Rustin Tholen4th
Veera Dasari4th
Nhu Nguyen4th
Francesco Zana4th
Alice James4th
Jeanette Wayne4th
Katrina Rodgers4th
Joshua Cunio4th
Paul Moss4th
Kenneth McDaniel4th
Gina Minard-Rivera4th
Daniel Vogt4th
Brian Laurence4th
Anthony Scamardo4th
Sylvia Wiggins4th
Patricia M Chowdhury4th
Justin Moffitt4th
Stella McGraw4th
Aaron Vaughan4th
Ella Benton4th
Jonathan StJohn4th
Alexis Gonzales4th
Chris Shumate4th
Mary Covart4th
Jindrich Kral4th
John Thomas4th
Joshua Rupp4th
David Mayhall4th
Sheryl Goodson4th
Nicole McGuire4th
Randolph Fraser4th
Kelly Twu4th
David Melman4th
Gregg Heinzman4th
Robert McKerlie4th
Jayah Kai-samba4th
Anne Allen4th
Sandeep Kishinchandani4th
Andrew Novoselsky4th
Gabrielle Gallerani4th
Kelly VAN ZANDT4th
David Carroll4th
Ja Harbour4th
sripavanvarma meka4th
Amit Patel4th
Audra Bouse4th
Debbie Butner5th
Margaret Carter5th
Tony Vargas5th
Michael Barkell5th
Anita Zvaigzne5th
Lauren Sparks5th
Joseph Maumus5th
Scott Hardy5th
Denise Beckmann5th
Kim Morris5th
Krystle Day5th
Rowena Beasley5th
Jodi Mata5th
Erica Herd5th
Daniel Omonira5th
Mikalan Cawley5th
Jamie Maines5th
Brianna Smith5th
Erik ONeal5th
Laura Herring5th
Mark Toms5th
Jennifer Cannefax5th
Fred Lowrance5th
Gazi Ayyad5th
Valerie Figgs5th
Rehan Hafeez5th
Jessie Richman5th
Stephen Hamlin5th
Michael Ragan5th
Tatiana Rodriguez-Cook5th
Scott Farnsworth5th
Erik Varga5th
Desuanca Jefferson5th
Joseph Skipworth5th
Anuradha Bandara5th
Gary McGhee5th
Belinda Hollis5th
Heather Jackson5th
Indira Pjetrovic5th
Nicholas Elliott5th
Charles Newson5th
Luis Corso5th
Todd Marsh5th
BAYO Efunogbon5th
Benito Gonzalez5th
Chigozie Ibekwe5th
Margaret McGovern5th
Laura Parks-Wright5th
Leah Huff-Albertson5th
Frank Roberts5th
Gail Loveman Cohen5th
Derek Arneson5th
Mary Eniolorunda5th
Craig Ebersold5th
Ryan Wheeler5th
Stevi Larijani5th
Aliza Miller5th
Michael Register5th
James Morrill5th
Cassandra Wood5th
Shawn Callarman5th
Jeff Langevin5th
Christopher Kinsler5th
John Nordmeyer5th
David Gratzke5th
Edward Williams5th
Albert Leddy5th
Jamie Gish5th
Heider Garcia5th
Janet Reed5th
Patricia Donaldson5th
Eleanore Brady5th
JD Carr5th
Marvin Hernandez5th
Lewis Christman5th
Brian Lawson5th
taylor miller5th
Adam Scheuermann5th
LaShawna Tye5th
Randall Jackson5th
Tony Hill5th
Patricia Rivers5th
Jonathan Bain5th
Austin Hoy5th
Kimberly Bradley5th
Jennifer Roberts5th
Marc Braunstein5th
Stacy Schaff5th
Michael Ortiz6th
Carol Nighorn6th
Steven Hackworth6th
Annette French6th
Jarrette Hawkins6th
Shonda Powell6th
Beth Gratzke6th
Kindra Carver6th
Robert Stephenson6th
Jon Keiser6th
Bryan Mills6th
James McMillon6th
Katherine Paskvan6th
Nissreen Fassett6th
David Douthit6th
Ismael Carrasquillo6th
Elizabeth Welch6th
Mathew Syner6th
Duane Burt6th
Linwood Joyner6th
Toby Corey6th
Stanton Henaman6th
Eugenio Fira6th
Ruth Zimba Kapansa6th
Sarah Miles6th
Richard Kurz6th
Catherine Painter6th
Derrick Thomas6th
Sadu Shetty6th
Scott ONeil6th
John Wattenbarger6th
Tom Moreau6th
Douglas Fernow6th
Luis Barrera6th
Raymond McKinney6th
Donna Stephens6th
Meridyth Wages6th
Jason Tabuas6th
Karen Loney6th
Jason Wiseman6th
Daniel Molina6th
Richard McClure6th
Maria Johnson6th
Frank Perera6th
Jessica Cates6th
Kimberly Perkins6th
Evan Russo6th
Jon Morgan6th
Donlen Ruffin6th
Scott Legler6th
Erica Graf6th
Kristin McConnell6th
Eleanor Phiffer6th
Stanley Baker6th
Shweta Rao6th
Arun Mandayam6th
Prasanna Kumar Pilli6th
Lisa Whitten6th
Deborah David6th
Hunt Waddell6th
Tamara Fulcher6th
Mildred Ferri6th
Daniel McCabe6th
James Terrell6th
Patrice Warren6th
Robert Baumer6th
Katrina Charity6th
Stephanie De La Fuente6th
Jan Allred6th
Lauren Prieur6th
Danny De Leon6th
Lalit Ahluwalia6th
Christopher Parish6th
Ryan Kerekes6th
Carol Wyant6th
Ronald Brown6th
Tony Eubanks6th
Erin Cox6th
Edouard Ngonga Mpoyi6th
Kimberly Terrell6th
Linda Westfall6th
Margaret Little6th
Dale Smith6th
Curtis Conaway6th
Law Malay6th
Junita Minichino6th
Michael Thummel6th
Robert Francher6th
John Rodriguez6th
Kane Wai6th
Brad Cardinal6th
Christel Pettinos6th
Greg Graves6th
Kenneth Wilson6th
Monique Linden7th
Eris Wilson7th
Sara Wuenschel-Horn7th
Linda Young7th
James Gitau7th
Stanley Smith7th
Vernon Dickson7th
Kevin Lane7th
Emmanuel Dellecase7th
Steven Metzler7th
Cynthia Holleman7th
Kathleen Schmidt7th
Jessica Feldt7th
Jessica Timmons7th
Iman Antonious7th
Juan Franco7th
Lissette Acevedo7th
Jari Ulmer7th
Larry Sandoval7th
Mary Hanna7th
Joshua Goler7th
Lee Magness7th
Kim LaFlamme7th
Stuart Smith7th
Sage Montgomery7th
Marian Newsome7th
Patrick Smith7th
Elias Saba7th
Ken Penrod7th
Victoria Hall7th
Stephen Lowe7th
Lance Patterson7th
David Black7th
Monique McClain7th
Clinton Barkley7th
Josh Stark7th
Vicky Bratton7th
Sean Butler7th
Steve Waldroop7th
Robert Wink7th
Emily Atchison7th
Camille Krug7th
Elvira Garcia7th
Gerson Duran7th
Nicolas Briseno7th
Kevin Bibelhausen7th
Vi Nguyen-Kennedy7th
Shane Comer7th
Andi Terrell7th
Candy Young7th
Marlon Cubero7th
Barbara Townsend7th
Gary Royer7th
Jose Gil7th
Mary Weiss7th
Melisa Chan7th
Andrew White7th
Rahmana Warren7th
agnita jackson7th
Michelle Storm7th
Keirnan Snedeker7th
Charles Sanders7th
Tammy Edinger7th
Ana Roland7th
Eric Canales7th
Denise Gonzalez7th
Constance Jackson7th
Tad Eckerle7th
Tessa Cairns7th
Anna Laura Weygand7th
Michael Martinez7th
Joshua Wheeler7th
Scott Arnold7th
Stuart Moorhead7th
Todd Lowe7th
Uzezi Itesa7th
Roxie Coffer7th
Rebekah Puente7th
Mary Everitt7th
Kendra White7th
Bryan Herriford7th
William Howard7th
Heather Rawls7th
Debra Greiner-Powell7th
Virgil Robinson7th
Richard Collins7th
LaNishia Hicks7th
Basil Holloway7th
Joe McEntire7th
LaShawn Cook-OReggio8th
Rosalie McGee8th
Steven Hughes8th
Joseph Banks III8th
Robert Fulcher8th
Jim Steinjann8th
Jennifer Burns8th
Minoru Sorensen8th
Brenda Grant8th
Danna Jackson8th
Jay De Leon8th
Chad Hullender8th
Nagendra Thalanki8th
Lynne Faust8th
Krista Goff8th
Krista Kisselburg8th
Gregory Moore8th
Amy Garrett8th
Eva Taylor8th
Jan-Michael Kolodoski8th
Patrecia Rosito8th
alan lampe8th
Calvin Aiken8th
Kellye Hill8th
Stephanie Mullane8th
Glen Gerber8th
Robert Burrell8th
Percy Edwards8th
Kendrick Brooks8th
Micheale Thompson8th
Frank Landrus8th
Renee Sferra8th
Anne Kells8th
Kathy Harvel8th
Joseph Coughlin8th
Helene Huckaba8th
Scott Hudson8th
Keisha Sims8th
Diana Milam8th
Jennifer Lane8th
Kari Maday8th
Robert Adger-Barton8th
Jill Rankin8th
Linda Lewin8th
Susan Baldwin8th
Lindsey Moeller8th
Lawrence Reid8th
Rose Baker8th
Darren Cochran8th
Michelle Meyer8th
A.J. Garcia8th
Natalie Ruiz8th
Candace Redman8th
Kateri Brunell8th
Keith Willis8th
Steven Simons8th
Ashley Dyer8th
David Reimer8th
Jeffrey Stevenson8th
Kay Patton8th
Richard Crawford8th
Valeria Crawford8th
Dawn Garrison8th
Denilson Silva8th
Amy Mizell8th
Sascha Youatt8th
Tamika Carr Barrera8th
Linda Smariga8th
Thomas Clerkin8th
Robin Simmering8th
Geoffrey Miller8th
Shelly Long8th
Vezintokozo Nkomo8th
Robert Deppi8th
Carrie Weir9th
Shannon Studebaker9th
Stephanie Craig-Phillips9th
Vanessa King9th
Karen Trujillo9th
Eric Metcalf9th
Sarah Mitchell9th
Casey Lang9th
Kari Ahonen9th
Wes Taylor9th
Alvin Thomas Donohue9th
Mark Braun9th
Paul Burek9th
Jose Campos9th
Cheryl Bradford9th
Vivian Thomas9th
Rhonda Lindsey9th
Jessica Southwick9th
Michelle McClearn9th
David Potts9th
Troy Donahey9th
Tony Pezzini9th
Reginald Barbarin9th
Lewis Moreno9th
June Whisenhunt9th
Arghavan Victoria Nawaby9th
Angela Jones9th
Rick Schumann9th
Matthew Lee9th
Dacrie Machuca9th
Randy Plunkett9th
Teresa Huggins9th
Theresa Lee9th
Carlie Cornell9th
Lisa Lindsey9th
Syed Hussain9th
Amanda Melbourne9th
Elizabeth Absalon9th
Loran Naugher9th
Dagmar Cole9th
Kristin Braziel9th
Daniel Martin9th
Amy White9th
Adam Hillman10th
Sara Kolb10th
Michael Feeley10th
Charles Umphress10th
Preston Pelfrey10th
John Pannell10th
David Turner10th
Edward Hart10th
Peter Rizzo10th
Jerry Green10th
Barbara Morris10th
Paul Sturges10th
Michael Bridges10th
Donna Ross10th
Dennis DeMorest10th
Richard Hughes10th
Joseph Murphy10th
Edward Spears10th
Andrew Furio10th
Mark Seaman10th
Diana Branson10th
Rod Spear10th
David Fritz10th
Jay Bass10th
Frank Sunderland10th
Hilary Aza10th
Melissa Miears10th
Tenise McGhee-Hordge10th
James Polanco10th
Gertrude Martin10th
Samantha Fox10th
Michelle Gonzalez-Flett11th
Tony Taber11th
Barry Cannon11th
Larry Roachelle11th
Blake Smith11th
William Nash11th
Shanequia Cummings11th
Michael Kuban11th
Hyon-Chin Keoughan11th
Hector Llamas11th
Jolie Feng11th
Nigel Parker11th
Robert Beideck11th
Bill Zabicki11th
CJ Young11th
Kim Cooley11th
Dan Nelson11th
Barbara Lane11th
Douglas Biehle11th
Ginger Ritchey11th
Jerry Ritchey11th
Matthew Kloesel11th
Karen Ritchie Hall11th
Scott Pardee11th
Kathy Moore11th
Annie Brown11th
Susan Rees11th
Gregory Ballentine11th
Nathan Wilson11th
Clarissa McElrath11th
Jason Eubank11th
Cynthia Hill11th
Devon Morris11th
Dionne Beer11th
Robert Asplet12th
Ann Lambert12th
William McClellan12th
Manshi Joisher12th
Michael Loney12th
Christopher Miranda12th
Ed Young12th
Linda Garcia12th
Paul Vickerson12th
Betsy Menefee12th
Fredrick Twesige12th
Shawn Crowe12th
Karen Adams12th
Nancy Scharf12th
Benny Laureano12th
Don Taylor12th
Kevin Bast12th
Alan Fletcher12th
Lew Crawford12th
Steven Tefertiller12th
Teresa Moreland12th
Jody Snow12th
Marjorie Troyer12th
Jonel Parraz12th
Patricia McManus12th
Melody Pedram12th
Tien Nguyen12th
Chrystal Moody12th
Greg Miller12th
Craig Wilson12th
James Ollila12th
Loren Carpenter12th
Jared Weinbrenner12th
Randall Kubich12th
Brian Cahill12th
David Eastburn12th
Karolyn Knight12th
Geoffrey Webster12th
Stan Kinney12th
Randy Landers13th
Trent Leopold13th
Daniel Kang13th
Kent Etteldorf13th
Robyn Scott-Coit13th
Kasandra Bell13th
Calvin Pegues13th
Kelley Scott13th
Teresa Norris13th
Donna Spangler13th
Sylvia Flores13th
Miguel Flight13th
Cindy Wininger13th
Sherry Sebastian13th
John Batista13th
Ellen Erangey13th
James Turlip13th
Joe English13th
David Metcalf13th
Bruce Falcon13th
Dana Duckworth13th
Daniel Dittfurth13th
Deborah Charles13th
Robert Self13th
Patrick Eaton13th
Timothy Lanz13th
Rebecca Terry13th
Michelle Scott13th
Ronnie Prowell13th
Nagarajan Ramaswamy13th
Julie Farmer13th
Christy Bland14th
Lida Kirby14th
Lori Pokorsky-Loy14th
Linda Snell14th
Rob Harrel14th
Rachel Newsome14th
Eva Barfi14th
Gregory Dey14th
Monica Chavez-Mietlinski14th
Jo Ann Kern14th
Joe Carson14th
Matthew Galindo14th
Geary Gowins14th
Bryan Mamantov14th
Tanya McCloud14th
James Narey14th
Abraham Magana14th
Troy Flinchbaugh14th
Earlene Frink14th
Scott Falgoust14th
Shelley Renaker14th
John Hays14th
Michael Christopher14th
Julie Schurman14th
David Plasek14th
Ademola Adejokun14th
Sharron Frohner14th
Billy Purdy14th
Helen Zafiris14th
Casey Rayman14th
Mona Skinner14th
Lou Sterzenbach15th
Cheryl Medina15th
Janice Baker15th
Wendy Akers15th
Ronald Williams15th
Victor Olaniyi15th
Alvin Cates15th
Robin Finnegan15th
Bonnie Crawford15th
Ann Adekunle15th
Ashley Stockton15th
Allen Walker15th
Armando Santos15th
Noel Quinn15th
Lee Ehrler15th
Marla Spore15th
Derek Johnson15th
Deana McCord15th
Timothy Szal15th
Vyjayanthi Anirudhan15th
Dorcas Paden15th
Martha Mayville15th
James Purnell15th
John Dyer15th
Thomas Wilson15th
Laura Pruett15th
John Whitaker15th
Khan Hamid15th
Lloyd West15th
Jeremy Conner15th
Palma Rivera15th
Sandra Brumfield15th
Kim Trost16th
Terrih-Angelah Turner16th
Lisa Hill16th
Robert Akin16th
Diana Decker16th
Vicki Calton16th
Lynn Lang16th
Scott Stethem16th
Lance Beaty16th
Dan Linehan16th
Olukayode Olubanjo16th
Louise Curbo16th
Michael Fuller16th
Martin Wade16th
Debbie Marth16th
James North16th
John Oberkrom16th
Jeffery Thompson16th
Michael Alley16th
Peter Tran16th
Charlene Dunn16th
Dwight Davis16th
Keith Corrigan16th
Felicia Humphrey16th
Todd Milligan16th
Edwin Ramey16th
Bill Tartaglia16th
Beth Henderson16th
LaJuana Jones16th
Jimmie Marks16th
Tammy Dolbee16th
Sandra Dawn Schmidt16th
Erica Robinson16th
Murray Scheibe16th
Russell Hines16th
Allan Pickering16th
Patrick Appel16th
Daniel Paulo17th
Steven Thomas17th
Mark Burns17th
James Harper17th
Rachael Cooksey17th
Kimberly Johnson17th
Bruce Jones17th
David Bryant17th
Patricia Dutton17th
Michael Raich17th
Luanne Wing17th
Rajesh Vattakunnel17th
David Henson17th
Darren Kells17th
Dwight Chandler17th
Edward Brown17th
Michael Wagoner17th
Mark Heimbach17th
Ghassan Khankarli17th
Debdas Bhattacharya17th
Darin Blancett17th
Daniel Taylor17th
Venzula Tate17th
David Clemens17th
John McElwain17th
Eric Epperson17th
Rick Dupre17th
Dale Nolan17th
Maria Johnson17th
Raymond Soucheck17th
Orel Rhodes17th
Jessi Lind17th
Donna Ackerman17th
Judy Cephus17th
William Packer18th
Brandon Emerson18th
Wade Ward18th
Tim Harper18th
Kent Ward18th
John Koren18th
Jill Pearson18th
Brian Fike18th
Bradley Worley18th
Mark Plaue18th
Steven Sandidge18th
Margaret Dennis18th
David Fancher18th
William Thomas18th
Cynthia Hodgkins18th
Amanda Abanilla18th
Scott Weeks18th
Jonathan Chrisawn18th
Corey Rosenbaum18th
Kenneth Burke18th
Tanja Bell19th
Cynthia Herrera-Gonzalez19th
Adam Lang19th
Gerald Stanford19th
Rebecca Johnson19th
Kayla Lay19th
Catherine Kuehler Laurence19th
Casey Hunzeker19th
Michelle Heintz19th
Tonya Sadler Grayson19th
Patricia Farrell-Shear19th
Craig Ligon19th
Anthony Walters19th
Lynn Robbins19th
Jim Jordan19th
Robert Hassell19th
Julie Chickering19th
Patrice Lipson19th
Jamie Terrell19th
Angela Miller19th
Sandi Rogers19th
Cindy VanderSleen19th
James Lee19th
Richard Newton19th
Lisa Gray19th
Darrick Smeby19th
Michael Popelka19th
Denise Stafford19th
Victoria Boice19th
Jameson Keck19th
Constantine Sparto19th
L. Stuart Littleton19th
James Logue19th
Charles Ashley19th
Angela Mattix19th
Reginald Fultz19th
Mary Moye20th
Julane Justusson20th
Steven Latham20th
Thoma Lile20th
Herbert Askie20th
Rahila Vayani20th
Lawrence Stephens20th
Matthew Solodow20th
Wanda Jones20th
Melanie Davis20th
Kelly Walker20th
Alyson Jones20th
Joy Leftwich20th
John Bartkus20th
Terry Thompson20th
Anthony Johnson20th
Philip Leo Mayville20th
Robert Jeffrey Messer20th
Leslie Sailer21th
Fred Harper21th
Tamara Davis21th
Dwayne Coplin21th
Kermit Elledge21th
Jeffrey Tuffield21th
Ronald Hons21th
Todd Hedgcoth21th
Tina Azamar21th
John Brudi21th
Karen Russo21th
Sharon Hart-Hampton22th
Michael Welfare22th
Danny Scott22th
Penelope Mentlik23th
Keith Mangels23th
Murali Ramdas23th
Cynthia Miller23th
Kurt Buchert23th
Walter Guess23th
Hong Yoo23th
Cheri Gigliotti23th
Tracy Griffith23th
Diane Collier24th
Lisa Hart24th
Donald Rohloff24th
Jeffrey Bradley24th
Rashidi Oluwaremi Benson24th
Patricia Haines24th
Jennifer Lipschultz24th
Julie Jeansonne24th
Jan Behm24th
Scott Shaffer24th
Tina Smith25th
Robert Clum26th
Dohrman Wintermute26th
Kathryn Fickes28th
James Perkins34th
Richard Walz40th
Certifications earned (Recent)
A.J. GarciaPMP
Aaron WillardPMP
Abayomi AsanaPMP
Abdul ShakirPMP
Abi Badiru-EganPMP
Abraham MaganaPMP
Adam HillmanPMP
Adam ScheuermannPMP
Adam LangPMP
Adamson NundaPMP
Adamu IbrahimPMP
Adebayo AkindePMP
Adedayo AjimotokanPMP,CAPM
Adedoyin OshiyoyePMP
Ademola AdejokunPMP
Adeola AgboolaPMP
Aderonke Elizabeth ShodipoPMP
Adetayo AdeniyiPMP

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