As we approach spring here in the Fort Worth area, it is time to think about a fresh start in our Project Management careers.  Specifically, in 2022 what do you want to do to improve our professional skills.   The Fort Worth PMI branch would like to suggest that one sure fire way to make improvements, is to become a mentor or mentee.

If you are asking yourself, why should I become a mentor, or mentee,  google "why be a mentor".  Below are just two of the web sites found with a Google Search.
Many seasoned Project Managers often makes excuses as to "why I can't be a mentor?" and our response to those concerns
•        I'm not trained -- We can provide training 
•        I don't have the time -- Being a mentor only takes 1 to 2 hours per month.

•        I'm not qualified -- The #1 requirement of a mentor is willingness and ability to listen.

On the plus side, the Mentoring Program provides both the Mentor and Mentee the opportunity to gain PDUs - that qualify for your annual "hours".    Additionally, the Mentoring program provides the opportunity to share experiences, gain valuable knowledge, and building your network.    Networking is the best way to learn/find your next opportunity.

Today, the Fort PMI Mentoring program has eight active sessions and my thanks to those PMs already engaged in the program.     Eight is NOT enough!!!

So what are you waiting for???  Go to our Mentoring hot spot on the FW PMI website ( and "sign up" to be a Mentor or Mentee.   If you have already signed up "Thank you" but would ask you review and update your profile.  

Email me if you have any questions.

Randall Kubich

FW PMI Director of Mentoring