Chapter Awards

Awards & Achievements

  • PMI Chapter Volunteer of the Year (Brad Worley)
  • PMI Award for Volunteer Programs
  • PMI Chapter Leader of the Year (John Bartkus)
  • PMI Award for Leadership, Planning and Operations
  • PMI Chapter of the Year (category III)
  • PMI Award for Volunteer Programs
  • PMI Award for Leadership, Planning and Operations
  • Chapter milestone (20 year anniversary)
  • PMI Chapter of the Year (category III)
  • Toastmasters Outstanding Officers

    (3) awards for Public Relations, Education and Membership
  •  PMI Recognition of Excellence for Component of the year
  • Chapter milestone (10 year anniversary)
  • Chapter Incorporation

The Fort Worth Chapter is a globally recognized, award winning chapter among the 270 PMI chapters worldwide.

We are honored to be recognized for outstanding programs, services and operations by our peers.

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PMI Community Awards Program

Every year at the PMI North American Congress, PMI announces the winners of their Community Awards Program.  All chapters worldwide (more than 270 of them) compete for these awards.  The purpose of these awards is to recognize and honor PMI chapters for their programs, products and services provided to its membership, the project management profession and the wider communities which they serve.  Chapters that make the greatest contributions to PMI's envisioned goal that "Worldwide, organizations will embrace, value and utilize project management and attribute their success to it" may be recognized as the Chapter of the Year.

There are four categories of awards based on chapter membership count.  The Fort Worth chapter is in category III (1001-2000 members).  Starting in 2014, PMI revised the award program to include performance based criteria.  Chapters are scored on data collected from membership surveys, Charter renewal and membership growth and retention statistics.  This data is collected by PMI for each chapter annually and used in the determination for Chapter awards which include:

  • Chapter of the Year
  • Volunteer Program
  • Member Services
  • Collaboration & Outreach

In addition, PMI recognizes and honors PMI chapter volunteers and leaders whose commitment and leadership was instrumental in their chapter's ability to plan and deliver programs, projects and services.  They include:

  • Chapter Volunteer of the Year
  • Chapter Leader of the Year